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Actus Purus - the personnel development experts

Actus Purus is a enterprise consultancy for personnel management and is specialised in the areas of personnel development, personnel controlling and perfomance management. We plan in co-operation with our clients a strategy based gearing for their companies by using existing leadership instruments. Together we determine and integrate measurement factors, necessary systems and tools and prepare everyone involved within the organisation for their specific tasks.

Actus Purus is a platform, where "passionate personnel professionals" with long years of experience in the operational praxis, in consultation and training in research and development within different fields of Personnel management collaborate together depending on the project.


We source specialist for organisational gearing, business economics and quality management in order to meet requirements for each project. We plan performance manangement for your company, which will mainly be supported by quanitative and qualitative personnel development. The integration of your strategic goals will be cost effective secured.


Actus Purus consults competently and continuously and supports you throughout all the integration steps, if you wish so, even in the phase after the integration is complete. Your organisation’s existing ideas combined with our ‘know how’ will create prerequisites to reach even ambitious organisational goals.


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