Actus Purus

In many cases it is obvious to hand over support to single employees or teams in key positions to increase the performances of the organisation even further. Two typical examples are as follows:

  • The "classical" Coaching:
  • The classical coaching is to be recommended, when new methods and techniques are being introduced, or a project is showing signs of slipping. The coach will produce concrete solutions and will support the internal project manager solving any problems that arose. Your organisation will immediately benefit from the coach’s knowledge and in time the internal knowledge will increase bit by bit.
  • The "systemic" Coaching:
  • The systematic coaching is recommended when the performance ability of a key employee or a group needs to be optimised. Examples of these are: support with conflict solving, preparation and support for important presentations. The coach only guides the employees whilst they carry out the tasks themselves. This process offers the benefit of improved performance of the employee or the project group through their increased ability to act and follow through.

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